Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule

At Grace Dental Group we specialize in all types of dental procedures for children between the ages of 2 and 17. In addition, starting from January 1st 2014 we have commenced providing Medicare child dental benefit services. This means that at Grace Dental we will BULK BILL the Medicare child dental benefit schedule. However, people who are unaware of their children’s eligibility should contact us for more information, we will be happy to provide you with as much information as we can.

We do recognize that not everyone is eligible which is why we also offer competitive rates for those who are not.

If you do not have a Medicare child dental benefit schedule or a health fund holder we charge $100 for children who are under the age of 17 for checkups, cleaning, fluoride treatment and X-rays if necessary. That said the schedule does not cover cosmetic procedures so things like veneers and whitening etc will need to be paid for separately.  However, these procedures are not always required for children under 17 years of age. We recommend that parents first bring their children in for a thorough examination so that we can evaluate what will work best under the circumstances.

Taking care of your children’s teeth should be one of your prime concern since healthy teeth as kids means that these young people will have health teeth as adults. This will prevent them from feeling ugly or perhaps bad about themselves just because they have bad teeth. Also, good looking teeth boosts the confidence of most kids which may have a direct effect on their education and relationships at school. So, parents are strongly advised to bring their children in for regular checkups so that any potential problem can be immediately identified.

To find out more about Medicare child dental benefit schedule feel free to contact us today. If you need to setup an appointment then call us at: (02) 9610 8815. Alternatively for any other type of information which is not on the website email: