Dental Clinic Wetherill Park

Dental Clinic Wetherill Park

Dental Clinic Wetherill Park

At Grace Dental Group, we want to invite you to come experience the best quality of care and service. Our dedicated doctors and friendly staff, in other words our excellent team, have the expertise to provide exceptional care for all patient who walks through our doors.

Grace Dental Group began as a husband and wife duo. Right from the start our sole goal was to provide the highest quality of treatment and dental care for people, at the most affordable rates for families. We wanted to create a modern clinic using state of the art equipment, while focusing on offering a warm, friendly, and family-oriented environment.

Our very first clinic opened to the public in August 2014 at Edensor Park. In just 4 short years, we have expanded to 3 clinics. They are located at Edensor Park, Green Valley, Bonnyrigg and now Wetherill park.

Our clinics are open to cater to all your dental needs, whether it be general, cosmetic, or specialty dentistry. We are a one stop shop.


Highest standards of Infection control

At Grace Dental Group, we have high standards of infection control and excellent level of hygiene. We maintain this throughout all our clinics. It is extremely important for dental clinics to maintain proper infection control practices within the clinic; this way, we prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. At Grace Dental Group we are more than confident in our abilities to do so.

Dental Clinic Wetherill Park

All clinics should have a thorough understanding of the basic principles of infection control and have systems in place. This allow infection control procedures to be carried out properly. It’s also important to stay up-to-date on specific infectious diseases, and how to take precautions that will ultimately protect against them.

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