Braces Bossley Park


Braces Bossley Park

Few of us have naturally straight teeth. Many of us who have straight teeth as adults needed braces as teenagers, or perhaps even as adults. But braces do a great job on straightening most teeth, and the benefits last a lifetime.

Occasionally braces need to be combined with teeth extractions or some surgery. But most of the time braces will be sufficient for straightening most teeth.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces use metal brackets and a wire on the front of the teeth. These put pressure on teeth to shift then into alignment. The wire is attached to the individual brackets with elastic ties.
A variation on this is self-litigating braces that do require elastic ties. The wire runs through brackets. These braces work a little faster than elastic tie braces.

Ceramic and Clear Braces

It is hard to hide the appearance of braces. But ceramic and clear braces blend in with the colour of the teeth, and are less obvious. They work in the same way as traditional braces.

Gold and Titanium Braces

Some individuals are allergic to the nickle used in braces, which are usually stainless steel. So gold plated stainless steel of titanium braces are used.

Lingual Braces

These put the braces behind the teeth rather than in front. This makes then virtually unnoticeable, but these braces can initially be more awkward and cause even more problems when trying to speak.

Braces can correct:

  • The spaces between teeth
  • The alignment of individual teeth.
  • Teeth that are too high in the mouth
  • Slight to moderate overbite and underbite.
  • The shape of the arch – They can widen the smile a little.

Occasionally less severe alignment problems can be corrected with clear aligners. adults may prefer this type of treatment.

Braces Green Valley

Braces are initially painful and remain at least a little awkward. But the result last a lifetime. Not only will our teeth look neat, but they will function better, and there will be far few problems with cleaning.

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