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Implants are the modern, effective way to replace lost or badly damaged teeth. Older techniques replaced teeth using partial dentures or bridges. But modern Implants are far superior.

A Dental Implant looks and functions like a natural tooth. You will soon forget that you even had a replacement. And implants only require the same general cleaning you should be giving your natural teeth. There is no additional upkeep.

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Implants have two major parts. A titanium post that connects to the jawbone. And a replica tooth above the gum-line.

Titanium is used for the metal post because it bonds to the bone at a molecular level (osseointegration). This makes for a very secure fitting.

The external tooth can be made from either Lithium disilicate or Zirconia. Older implants used porcelain teeth, which were fairly strong and also looked realistic. But These newer materials are equally realistic and are even stronger.

Zirconia is mostly used for front teeth because its translucent properties are very similar to natural tooth enamel. It is also very strong.

A variation on this is solid zirconia, which is stronger than translucent zirconia but less realsitic looking. It is mainly used on back molars which are less noticeable.

Lithium Disilicate is also stronger than translucent zirconica, and used for back molar teeth because of its superior strength.

Implant Dental Clinic Miller

Dental Implants require two or three visits to the dentist. The titanium post must be fitted first so it can bond to the jawbone. Often this goes in as two parts. The screw implant goes in first, which is level with the gum-line. A post is attached to this on a subsequent visit.

The artificial tooth goes in last, once the implant is secure. It bonds quickly, so the toot is ready to be used soon after the dental visit is over.

Any complications with dental implants are rare, especially with healthy patients. They last for many decades if the mouth is kept clean and healthy.

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