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Dental Decay

Dentists Wetherill Park

Dental decay is the breakdown of the tooth , caused by acidic conditions in the mouth. The decay may be yellow, brown or black in colour.

The acidic conditions in the mouth can be the result of either bacteria breaking down sugars in the diet, or from foods and drinks that are acidic in nature (like juice or soft drinks). A few people seem to have slightly acidic saliva no matter what they eat. They need to be extra diligent about cleaning their teeth and surrounding mouth.

If we are to reduce the decay caused by bacteria acting on sugar then we need to reduce both factors – reduce the bad bacteria and reduce the sugar that they feed on.

  • We can reduce the bad bacteria by adding more good bacteria. Taking a probiotic or eating fermented food puts more good bacteria on our gut and mouth.
  • Eating less sugar means there is less for the bad bacteria to feed on. This reduces the mount of acid that causes decay and over time it reduces the bad bacteria which have less to feed on.
  • Brushing twice daily will remove most of the sugar and bacteria on the teeth. Brush 30 minutes after meals. But this brushing will not remove sugar in the rest of our body, which still causes acidic saliva that leads to decay.
  • Floss to clean between teeth. Do this once per day.
  • Mouthwash is easy to use, and a decent mouthwash will go a long way to reducing decay. Look for a mouthwash that has no alcohol, some fluoride, and some antibacterial actions.
  • Drink more water. This has many health benefits, and it helps keep the mouth clean and moist. This reduces decay problems.

Dentists Wetherill Park

We all prefer prevention to cure. Talk to the dentist about the best way to avoid problems, and enjoy better health.



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