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Why take Children to the Dentist ?

If we learn look after our health at a young age we reap the benefits latter on. This especially applies to dental habits. It is good to teach children good dental cleaning habits, and to have their teeth looked after by professionals.

Dental Clinic Camden – Why take children to the dentist early on?:

Children need to be take to the by the time their first tooth appears, about the age of one. A Dentist will make sure that the child’s teeth, gums and jaws are developing correctly. If their are any issues they are best dealt with early, before they become serious.

Of course children develop and lose a set of first teeth. The way these teeth develop, and they way they are treated, will affect the latter permanent teeth. Perhaps a baby tooth that is lost early will prevent a permanent tooth from properly emerging latter on, the other teeth moving into the gap. A dentist can put a spacer between teeth to prevent this issue.

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Few children have ideal teeth, so often they need braces in their teens. This is much more than an aesthetic concern. Poorly aligned teeth may affect speaking, eating and breathing, and are notoriously difficult to clean. And poorly aligned jaws also lead to serious problems. Braces will go a long way to achieving neat, well functioning teeth and jaws.

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Educational dental videos and novelty toothbrushes, kid friendly material, helps children learn good dental habits.

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Children form lowering income families are often eligible for the Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme. This provides up to $1000 worth of dental work for children under 18(not all types of work are covered).

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Braces during our teens will give us the benefit of neat, well functioning teeth for the rest of our life.

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Aspects of a Smile

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The appearance of our teeth makes a difference to how we feel about ourselves, and we can be a little more confident, a little more socially outgoing if we feel we have a an attractive smile.

But what makes an attractive smile? It is more than just neatly aligned teeth. Aesthetic appearance is about all the elements fitting together in a coherent way. So our teeth must no only look good, they must suit the rest of our appearance.

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Teeth Must:

Be neatly aligned – This is perhaps the first thing we think of when it comes to tooth appearance. and it is something that affects their function too.
Braces on our teeth during our teens go a long way to giving us neat looking, properly functioning teeth.
As adults we might also have braces, or use Invsialign (plastic mouth-guards) to align our teeth. Sometime crowns and implants are used on an especially bad tooth.

Be the right Colour: We can lighten teeth with bleaching, which is a fairly simple procedure. Or teeth can be covered with a thin veneer. Occasionally implants can be used for individual teeth.

Have a neat Smile Arc – This is the upward curve of the teeth, something we associate with a nice smile. The front teeth should be lower, and neatly curve up towards the back molars. This curve must suit the shape of our mouth, which differs between individuals.
The curve along the bottom of the teeth is called the Incisal edge.
The Smile arc and the alignment of the teeth are connected factors.

Meet at the Midline – The centre of the two top teeth should align with the centre of the bottom two teeth. This looks neat and symmetrical.

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Around the Teeth the gums and mouth must also look good:

Gum Display – Some individuals show a little bit of gum when they smile. Others individuals show now gum at all, or show far too much. This is a noticeable factor when we smile.
A little bit of gum, or perhaps not gum at all, looks rather good. But those people who show too much gum may have a dis proportioned smile , or seem like they have smaller, older teeth.
There are techniques to reduce the amount of gum in your smile.

Maxillary gum line – This is the line across the to p of the teeth, where the teeth meet the gums. Like the bottom of the teeth this should be a neat, smooth upward curve. If the maxillary gum line is crooked it gives the impression that the teeth are not straight.

Buccal corridor – This is the space at the corner of the mouth. If there is no space our teeth look big, if there is too much space then the teeth look too small, or it seems like teeth are missing. Ideally there should be a small space between the teeth and the corners of the mouth.

Cant – This is the angle of the teeth. Ideally the teeth should be vertical, but in some individuals the teeth tile backward or forwards. If this is slight it may be unnoticeable, but significant tile can ruin a smile, and make chewing difficult.

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A dentist can ensure a great smile with well functioning teeth. Talk to us if you feel your teeth are not all they they could be.

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Teeth Whitening Camden

Some of us are unhappy about the colour of our teeth. This is partially because we are exposed to media images of perfectly white smiles. But we can also be dissatisfied of our tooth colour does not suit our complexion. Slightly discoloured teeth can be enough to ruin the appearance of our face.

Tooth Discolouration may stem from years of coffee drinking, smoking, wine or other (perhaps mild) vices. Or it may just be part of our genetic makeup. But natural or acquired it is possible to significantly lighten and whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening is available by several methods. some of these are in office treatments done by the dentist. A few are take home systems, designed by the dentist to suit the individual. The in office methods tend to be far faster methods, but take home kits are popular with those who want to maintain their whitening over time.

Most methods use some variation on bleaching the teeth with strong chemicals. Because of the strength of these chemicals they are best performed with the supervision of a dental professional. The take home kits use a more dilute version of the same solutions, so are significantly safer.

A popular modern whitening method is Zoom. This combines a whitening solution with a bright light that acts as a catalyst. The solution is applied to the teeth while the gums are protected, and the light is applied. This is repeated four time in the space of an hour. The teeth are then significantly whiter.

Some commercial toothpastes claim to whiten teeth. But we should be a little wary of these. They work by being abrasive, so they remove enamel form the tooth surface. Used for any period of time these abrasive toothpastes will quickly thin the enamel on the teeth, leaving them sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. In some cases they may even cause holes in the enamel, leaving us very prone to tooth decay.

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While the health and function of the teeth are the first priorities there is usually no reason why the teeth can’t look good too. In fact healthy functioning teeth will tend to look better, with only the colour holding us back.

Talk to the dentist if you feel you teeth would look better a shade or two whiter.

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Gum Disease

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Dental health concerns itself with more than teeth. Our gums and jawbones are also part of our dental health, and something that dentists are concerned with.

If we fail to look after our dental health we leave ourselves prone to gum infections. These can be quite serious, even causing us to lose teeth. At the very least a gum infection will strain out immune system, and leave us with a sore, bleeding, discoloured mouth.

Some research strongly suggests that a gum disease earlier in life (perhaps our thirties) greatly increases the chance of dementia, heart disease and other serious illnesses in old age. The bacteria behind gum infections is the same bacteria involved in these other health problems.

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This is a moderate gum infection, caused by bacteria that accumulates when we fail to clean our teeth. Signs of Gingivitis include sore discoloured gums (usually dark red or very pale pink) and bleeding, especially after brushing.

Though gingivitis is fairly serious it can be cured with diligent cleaning. If we brush, floss and use mouthwash every day we can be rid of Gingivitis after a few weeks. A healthy diet can also be a great help.

The real risk is that untreated Gingivitis will lead to more serious gum infections like Periodontal disease. This is far more difficult to treat.


Periodontal Disease (periodontitis) is a serious gum disease. Once contracted it cannot be treated or cured by the individual cleaning the mouth. It must be looked after by a dentist, usually by a periodontal specialist.

Periodontitis usually develops from gingivitis. It is both a more serious version of gingivitis, and an additional infection involving a different type of bacteria.

Periodontitis must be treated with antibiotics and prescription medication, including prescription mouthwash. Left untreated it will continually grow worse, leading to loss of bone in the jaw and the loss of teeth. Only mild periodontitis can be fully cured. Most periodontitis infections permanently stay with the patient, managed by continual use of diligent cleaning and mouthwash.

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Gum Diseases are serious, but they can be prevented with diligent cleaning. And can be treated by professional dental professionals.

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Ultrasonic Toothbrushes

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Ultrasonic toothbrushes are a later technology than conventional electric toothbrushes. The name is not a marketing trick; the brushes do vibrate at an ultrasonic speed, and this provides advantages for cleaning teeth.

Ultrasonic vibration, in the case of toothbrushes at 1-3 megahertz, kills many forms of bacteria. It also breaks down plaque in the mouth. So ultrasonic toothbrushes are very effective at killing the bad bacteria in the mouth. And this works even on surfaces that the toothbrush does not directly touch; the vibrations from the toothbrush will kill bacteria between the teeth.

Some advantages of electric toothbrushes:

  • Electric Toothbrushes get far more brush strokes in the same amount of time as convention toothbrushes. So your teeth get a better clean for the same amount of time, or the same cleaning effect in less time.
  • Electric toothbrushes often have timers, so you can be sure you aren’t cutting your time short when brushing.
  • Electric toothbrushes are great for hard to reach places in your mouth, where brushing actions are difficult
  • Users of electric toothbrushes tend to have better teeth, though they should be including flossing as well as brushing. This is a long-term benefit.
  • Ultrasonic toothbrushes will clean between teeth and gum by the action of the vibrations that kill bacteria.

Electric toothbrush are more appealing than a manual toothbrush, so we tend to use it more.This is especially important for children who need encouragement to brush.

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Find the dental cleaning equipment and routine that appeals to you. Effective cleaning will mean far less need to dental work.

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Alternatives to Braces Abbotsbury

For much of history straight teeth were a matter of good genetics, and perhaps partly because of a good upbringing that exercised our jaws. But in the 20th century many technologies developed to straighten teeth. And it became common to wear braces as a teenager, or to have crowns as an adult.

But some of us still have less-than-straight-teeth as adults. It is possible to have braces at almost any age past our teens. But many adults dislike the look of braces, thinking they look too juvenile, or just finding them inconvenient.

An alternative to braces is Invisalign. These will rectify most teeth alignment problems, without the inconvenient or appearance of braces.

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Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth, each rather small mouthguards. Over time each aligner brings the teeth closer to the correct shape. it may take anything from 6 month to 2 years to achieve the final result.

Invisalign, unlike braces, do not have sharp edges, and can be easily removed for eating and drinking. So they cause minimal inconvenience. Talking with Invisalign might be slightly unusual at first, but this is very mild compared to speaking with braces. Invisalign are the easy way to get straight teeth with minimal hassle.

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Adults can have their teeth straightened with Invisalign. This treatment requires dental visits every few weeks; the clear retainers will constantly need to be replaced. Otherwise the matter is simple and fairly low pain. Other people will hardly notice that you are receiving treatment.

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Dental Sealants

The top chewing surface of our back teeth is prone to harboring food debris, which tends to lead to decay. This is because the top of these back molar teeth is rough and uneven. The roughness of this surface aids the chewing of food, but the same food can easily get caught in these space. it is difficult to clean this area even with a good toothbrush.

A dentist can greatly reduce the problems of decay in back molar teeth by using dental sealants.

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The top of the back molar teeth have both large and small grooves. We Need to retain these large grooves for the sake of chewing. But we need to fill in the small spaces because they are very difficult to clean, and harbor bacteria and food.

Dental sealants are used on back molar teeth to fill in the small spaces where cleaning is difficult. It does this while leaving the larger grooves in the teeth unaffected.

Sealants have been in general use for about two generations. They are routinely put on children’s molar teeth to prevent potential future decay. They will last for 5 to 10 years, perhaps longer, before they need replacing.

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Dental sealants protect the back molar teeth from decay, and make cleaning a little easier. They are inconspicuous once applied, and require no maintenance. So you can forget they are there, and still benefit from their protection against decay.

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Dental Decay

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Dental decay is the breakdown of the tooth , caused by acidic conditions in the mouth. The decay may be yellow, brown or black in colour.

The acidic conditions in the mouth can be the result of either bacteria breaking down sugars in the diet, or from foods and drinks that are acidic in nature (like juice or soft drinks). A few people seem to have slightly acidic saliva no matter what they eat. They need to be extra diligent about cleaning their teeth and surrounding mouth.

If we are to reduce the decay caused by bacteria acting on sugar then we need to reduce both factors – reduce the bad bacteria and reduce the sugar that they feed on.

  • We can reduce the bad bacteria by adding more good bacteria. Taking a probiotic or eating fermented food puts more good bacteria on our gut and mouth.
  • Eating less sugar means there is less for the bad bacteria to feed on. This reduces the mount of acid that causes decay and over time it reduces the bad bacteria which have less to feed on.
  • Brushing twice daily will remove most of the sugar and bacteria on the teeth. Brush 30 minutes after meals. But this brushing will not remove sugar in the rest of our body, which still causes acidic saliva that leads to decay.
  • Floss to clean between teeth. Do this once per day.
  • Mouthwash is easy to use, and a decent mouthwash will go a long way to reducing decay. Look for a mouthwash that has no alcohol, some fluoride, and some antibacterial actions.
  • Drink more water. This has many health benefits, and it helps keep the mouth clean and moist. This reduces decay problems.

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We all prefer prevention to cure. Talk to the dentist about the best way to avoid problems, and enjoy better health.



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Dental Implants

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Implants are the modern, effective way to replace lost or badly damaged teeth. Older techniques replaced teeth using partial dentures or bridges. But modern Implants are far superior.

A Dental Implant looks and functions like a natural tooth. You will soon forget that you even had a replacement. And implants only require the same general cleaning you should be giving your natural teeth. There is no additional upkeep.

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Implants have two major parts. A titanium post that connects to the jawbone. And a replica tooth above the gum-line.

Titanium is used for the metal post because it bonds to the bone at a molecular level (osseointegration). This makes for a very secure fitting.

The external tooth can be made from either Lithium disilicate or Zirconia. Older implants used porcelain teeth, which were fairly strong and also looked realistic. But These newer materials are equally realistic and are even stronger.

Zirconia is mostly used for front teeth because its translucent properties are very similar to natural tooth enamel. It is also very strong.

A variation on this is solid zirconia, which is stronger than translucent zirconia but less realsitic looking. It is mainly used on back molars which are less noticeable.

Lithium Disilicate is also stronger than translucent zirconica, and used for back molar teeth because of its superior strength.

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Dental Implants require two or three visits to the dentist. The titanium post must be fitted first so it can bond to the jawbone. Often this goes in as two parts. The screw implant goes in first, which is level with the gum-line. A post is attached to this on a subsequent visit.

The artificial tooth goes in last, once the implant is secure. It bonds quickly, so the toot is ready to be used soon after the dental visit is over.

Any complications with dental implants are rare, especially with healthy patients. They last for many decades if the mouth is kept clean and healthy.

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Braces Bossley Park

Few of us have naturally straight teeth. Many of us who have straight teeth as adults needed braces as teenagers, or perhaps even as adults. But braces do a great job on straightening most teeth, and the benefits last a lifetime.

Occasionally braces need to be combined with teeth extractions or some surgery. But most of the time braces will be sufficient for straightening most teeth.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces use metal brackets and a wire on the front of the teeth. These put pressure on teeth to shift then into alignment. The wire is attached to the individual brackets with elastic ties.
A variation on this is self-litigating braces that do require elastic ties. The wire runs through brackets. These braces work a little faster than elastic tie braces.

Ceramic and Clear Braces

It is hard to hide the appearance of braces. But ceramic and clear braces blend in with the colour of the teeth, and are less obvious. They work in the same way as traditional braces.

Gold and Titanium Braces

Some individuals are allergic to the nickle used in braces, which are usually stainless steel. So gold plated stainless steel of titanium braces are used.

Lingual Braces

These put the braces behind the teeth rather than in front. This makes then virtually unnoticeable, but these braces can initially be more awkward and cause even more problems when trying to speak.

Braces can correct:

  • The spaces between teeth
  • The alignment of individual teeth.
  • Teeth that are too high in the mouth
  • Slight to moderate overbite and underbite.
  • The shape of the arch – They can widen the smile a little.

Occasionally less severe alignment problems can be corrected with clear aligners. adults may prefer this type of treatment.

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Braces are initially painful and remain at least a little awkward. But the result last a lifetime. Not only will our teeth look neat, but they will function better, and there will be far few problems with cleaning.