Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

The top chewing surface of our back teeth is prone to harboring food debris, which tends to lead to decay. This is because the top of these back molar teeth is rough and uneven. The roughness of this surface aids the chewing of food, but the same food can easily get caught in these space. It is difficult to clean this area even with a good toothbrush.

A dentist can greatly reduce the problems of decay in back molar teeth by using dental sealants.

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The top of the back molar teeth have both large and small grooves. We Need to retain these large grooves for the sake of chewing. But we need to fill in the small spaces because they are very difficult to clean, and harbor bacteria and food.

Dental sealants are used on back molar teeth to fill in the small spaces where cleaning is difficult. It does this while leaving the larger grooves in the teeth unaffected.

Sealants have been in general use for about two generations. They are routinely put on children’s molar teeth to prevent potential future decay. They will last for 5 to 10 years, perhaps longer, before they need replacing.

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Dental sealants protect the back molar teeth from decay, and make cleaning a little easier. They are inconspicuous once applied, and require no maintenance. So you can forget they are there, and still benefit from their protection against decay.