Create a natural smile!
Dental implants are a great treatment for patients who are missing a tooth or multiple teeth.

There are so many reasons why implant is a good option for suitable patients. Not only are implants fixed and as a result don’t need to be removed (unlike dentures), they also create a natural smile, are strong like natural teeth and you do not have to do treatment on neighbouring teeth. The teeth look and feel completely natural!
What does the treatment involve?
The first step is to determine whether implants are a suitable option for you.

At the consultation appointment, the doctor will take some x-rays and do a thorough assessment of your bone density and volume.

Once this has been done, we can make an appointment for you to start the treatment! The first treatment stage involves placing the implant into the jaw. After this treatment, there is a healing period of three to four months. During this time, your bone will develop and bond together with the implant to create a sturdy foundation for the artificial tooth that will be placed on top at a later stage.