I’ve made an appointment now. Do I need to arrive early for my first appointment?
It is recommended that you arrive 5 – 10 minutes earlier to complete your New Patient form.
What type of toothbrush and toothpaste should I use?
The softer the bristles, the better! Medium to hard bristled toothbrushes can actually cause damage to your soft gum tissue, even more so if you tend to brush hard.
In terms of toothpaste, the ADA (Australian Dental Association) recommend toothpastes with fluoride in them. So much so, only toothpastes with fluoride are given the ADA Seal of Approval.
What is fluoride? Why is it important?
Fluoride has many benefits for oral health. Did you know that fluoride is also added to water in Australia? It has been proven through numerous studies and research to be effective at reducing tooth decay amongst children and adults.
Fluoride helps strengthen your tooth’s enamel, giving them extra strength so that it can better combat bacterial acid and the growth of plaque that can lead to tooth decay.
Do I really need to floss?
Think about it this way. A carpet looks different before and after a thorough vacuum, right? Whilst before you may not have seen any dust or debris on the carpet, after a thorough vacuuming, you will notice that the carpet looks cleaner and brighter!
The same happens with your teeth. While brushing your teeth helps keep them clean, flossing helps remove the trapped food and plaque out from in between your teeth. By flossing alone, you will notice that your teeth begin to look cleaner and brighter! In fact, if you only brush without flossing, you’re missing 35% of your teeth surfaces!
Not only are you removing plaque and trapped food debris from your teeth, but by flossing you are also DECREASING the risk of periodontal disease. Plaque that remains unremoved will eventually turn into tartar. This tartar slowly eats away at your soft gum tissue and causes periodontal disease.
How often should I get my dental cleans done?
It is recommended to visit your dentist every six months for a proper cleaning. This not only helps keep your teeth nice and clean, but it also allows the dentist to monitor your oral health, including any abnormal changes. They can identify gum disease, detect early tooth decay as well as screening for other oral diseases.
Are dental x-rays safe? Why are they necessary?
Dental x-rays are very safe and are necessary to better detect and diagnose dental issues such as cavities, gum disease and even some types of infections. As our clinics are equipped with digital x-ray machines, the dose of radiation is very low when compared to other imaging methods. In fact, having digital x-rays reduces radiation levels by as much as 80%.
What does it mean if I’m having tooth pain?
If you’re experiencing a toothache, there are a variety of different causes from needing a general cleaning to wisdom teeth pain. The most common cause of tooth pain, however, is tooth decay.
The best thing to do in this case is to book an appointment with one of our doctors to better assess the situation. At this appointment, they will take some x-rays for you (complimentary if you don’t have health fund, otherwise gap free if you do) and let you know what the exact cause of the pain is. From there, they can advise you which treatment is best.
How can I achieve a better smile?
There are many options for creating a better smile, and we do it all! If you are interested in changing the shade of your teeth, then veneers or whitening options could be the way to go.
If you were concerned about crowded teeth, then perhaps orthodontic treatment is for you!
If you had missing teeth and wanted to fill the gaps, then a dental bridge or implant could work for you.
There are so many different options available to suit both your budget as well as your needs.
Give us a call to book your consultation appointment now, you’ll be one step closer to achieving the smile you’ve always dreamt of!
What health funds do you accept?
At Grace Dental clinics, we accept ALL health funds! We have HICAPS machines available on site, so you won’t need to take the receipts back to your health fund to make a manual claim, we do everything for you on site!
We are also Preferred Providers for NIB, CBHS and we are also BUPA Members First Platinum. Please note, BUPA Member’s First is currently at Edensor Park clinic only.