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Teeth Whitening Busby

Teeth whitening is a common dental procedure performed by dentists to help lighten the colour of teeth and remove stains or discolouration. There are different methods of professional teeth whitening available.

Very few people have teeth that are naturally white. This is largely a myth created by fashion magazines and Hollywood films. But there is no harm in having the teeth lightened to a bright white, providing they are reasonably healthy before the procedure. Ideally, we should have teeth lightened to suit our completion. If the teeth are too white it can look unnatural, or simply not suit our skin and hair colour.

The main issue with teeth whitening is sensitivity. If we have thin tooth enamel, if our teeth hurt when we eat cold ice cream or hot coffee, then we have sensitive teeth. Whitening will only make this matter worse. Most people do not suffer from sensitive teeth, so whitening is usually not a problem.


Methods of Teeth Whitening Busby Include:

In-office bleaching

This is the most common teeth whitening system. It is performed at the dentist’s office by applying a whitening gel directly to your teeth and then activating it with a special light or laser. The whitening gel usually contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient, which helps break down stains and discolouration.

During the teeth whitening procedure, your dentist will usually take precautions to protect your gums and soft tissues in the mouth from the whitening agents. They may use a protective barrier or apply a gel to minimize sensitivity. The entire process typically takes about one to two hours for in-office bleaching.


Home whitening treatments

In some cases, our dentist may provide you with custom-made whitening trays. These are custom designed to fit over your teeth. These trays are filled with a whitening gel and are worn for a specific amount of time each day or overnight, depending on your dentist’s instructions. This method allows for a more gradual whitening process, and you may need to use the trays for several weeks to achieve the desired results. The tray is designed so the whitening agent will not harm the gums.

It’s important to note that the results of teeth whitening can vary depending on the severity of stains and the individual’s teeth. Furthermore, teeth whitening is not a permanent solution, and the effects usually fade over time. ¬†Factors like diet, lifestyle habits, and natural aging will slowly but steadily discolour teeth.


Before undergoing any teeth whitening procedure, it’s best to consult with your dentist. They will assess your oral health, discuss the available options, and recommend the most suitable treatment based on your specific needs and goals.

For the next 48 hours after receiving the whitening treatment you should take extra care to avoid dark staining substances. Avoiding these foods will help your treatment retain the whiter, brighter effect for longer.

  • Coffee/Tea
  • Tobacco products
  • Mustard or ketchup
  • Coke, cola or soft drinks.
  • Red wine
  • Soy sauce
  • Pasta sauces

At Grace Dental we understand that aesthetics is an important part of dental work. We all want our teeth to look fine. We suspect that people tend to look after their teeth more if they look good. And this makes cosmetic surgery worth the effort. Teeth Whitening Busby is effective. We encourage an attractive smile.

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