Order of Dental Treatment

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Straight teeth and well-aligned jaws look good and function well. They allow us to eat, breathe and speak with no real drawbacks. And give a more attractive smile. But most of us don’t naturally have these ideal teeth, so we have some dental or orthodontic work done. The order of the dental treatment is important.
The most prominent ways to fix crooked teeth are braces (orthodontic work) or crowns and implants (dental work). These techniques are often combined, but never at the same time. Braces are usually used at a younger age. Crowns and implants are usually used later on.

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Braces have been used for several generations, providing permanent results. They will neatly align individual teeth and jaws. Though initially awkward the benefits last a lifetime. Modern braces include options that are less visible than older, all-metal braces. Ceramic braces and clear braces will only show the wire and not the brackets. Lingual braces are fitted behind the teeth where they remain virtually unseen.

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If a tooth is badly misshapen or damaged it might have its exterior replaced with a crown. This is an artificial tooth once made of porcelain, but now more commonly made of lithium disilicate or zirconia. Crowns keep the internal working of the tooth and just replace the exterior with the new artificial tooth.
Crowns function like natural teeth. You soon forget that the tooth is a replacement. They look quite like natural teeth unless one examines them closely.

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Implants are like crowns, but they replace the whole tooth, not just the outside. The center of the implant is a titanium post that biologically bonds to the jawbone. Implants last for decades.

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Braces can effectively move natural teeth. They can also more a tooth that has been crowned, though the technique is altered slightly. But implants, which are permanently bonded to the jawbone, cannot be moved by braces. It is possible to use braces to move other teeth around the implant, but this is rarely done. Implants are almost always done after orthodontic work. They can fix individual teeth after the general alignment of the mouth has been corrected with the braces.

Order Of Dental Treatment

Order Of Dental Treatment

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