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Reshaping Teeth

Dentist Homebush West

We may not be blessed with naturally perfect teeth; few people are. Quite often people find their teeth are mostly fine, with a few little aspects that could be improved.

One common issue is the shape of the teeth. Some teeth might be a little longer than the others, or they might overlap. Perhaps one tooth is larger than the others. Or perhaps then teeth are very square, and would look better is slightly rounded. These issues might appear minor, but altering a few seemingly minor issue can have a significant effect on our appearance. In some cases it can affect the functioning of the teeth and jaws.

Why Reshape TeethDentist Homebush West

  • Teeth are uneven in length
  • There is a slight tooth overlap.
  • A single tooth is larger or longer than the others.
  • The teeth suffer pits, bumps or surface imperfections.
  • The teeth are very square, or too round, or perhaps pointed.
  • Subtle changes to the teeth might improve the overall look of your smile.


Reshaping Methods – Dentist Homebush West

Tooth contouring is a relatively quick and simple procedure. The actual shaping often just takes a single appointment. The trick it to plan the exact changes need to achieve the desired outcome, and making sure the teeth are in good condition to accommodate those changes.

Tooth enamel can be removed from teeth with a drill, laser, or other tool. This is a subtractive method of tooth reshaping.

A tooth can also be altered in shape by the addition of veneers. This is an additive method, used to increase the size of a tooth. It can also be used to close the gaps between teeth by making each individual tooth slightly wider.

In more extreme cases a tooth can be replaced by an implant, or given a completely new outer case with a crown. But most tooth reshaping is about making a number of minor changes.


Dentist Homebush West

Wonder if you might improve the look of your teeth? Whitening, reshaping and other simple procedures achieve great results.




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