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Several Habits for Healthier Teeth

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A better set of teeth is always preferable to an unhealthy and unattractive set. Some of this is about good genes, but far more of this is about how we treat our teeth. Daily cleaning, diet and good habits go a long way to healthier teeth. Other issues, like crookedness, can be fixed by the dentist or orthodontist.

Brush twice per day – This is the basic advice we were taught in primary school. But fundamental advice never changes. Twice a day cleaning gets rid of most bad bacteria, and the plaque they produce. This means far less chance of decay and gum disease.

Brush Lightly – A hard bristle brush will wear away tooth enamel. Pressing too hard on the brush will do the same. Lightly brushing with a soft brush will remove virtually all the plaque and food debris. If in doubt, brush for a little longer. 2 minutes twice a day is about right.

Use a Sports Mouth Guard – If we play contact sports there is a risk of an impact to the jaw, which can badly harm teeth. A mouth guard will not reduce the risk of the impact, but it will reduce the amount of damage. It can be the difference between a bad bruise, or a lost tooth.

Use a Sleep Mouth Guard – Some of us grind our teeth while we sleep. A few of us might go through a stage of grinding our teeth during a stressful time of our lives. This is very bad for the tooth enamel, and we can end up with badly damaged teeth. it also tends to make teeth sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.
A mouth guard will prevent the damage to teeth while we sleep, though we should also look at the underlying cause of the grinding.

Rinse – Salt in warm water helps reduce dental issues. Rinse with this one per day, preferably before you brush your teeth at night. Adding a few drops of lemongrass, Aloe vera, or Tea Tree oil to warm water also makes an effective mouthwash.

Avoid sugar – Sugar, especially in soft drinks and fruit juice, will feed the bad bacteria that destroy teeth. It will also cause thinning enamel because it is acidic. Use stevia or Xylitol if you have a craving for something sweet. And drink water after eating to help wash the sugar away.

Many diet soft drinks are almost as bad as regular soft drinks. While there is no sugar, the drink is still acidic. Avoid these whenever possible.

Clean the tongue – while the tongue won’t suffer decay, it will harbour bad bacteria, which will then affect the rest to the mouth. The same bad bacteria also lead to bad breath. A tong scrapper will remove or at least greatly reduce the bacteria on the tongue.

Floss – About 30% of the tooth surface is between the teeth. It is too easy for bad bacteria and food debris to remain in this area as it is not cleaned by regular brushing. Flossing will remove most of the food and bacteria. Alternately, a Waterpik can be used to clean between the teeth.

A ultrasonic toothbrush will help clean between the teeth; the ultrasonic vibrations cause the bacteria to break up and die. But we recommend using floss or a Waterpik as well.

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Basic dental care only takes a few minutes each day. This greatly reduces decay and infections. Visit the dentist twice yearly.

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