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Why Straight Is Better

Dentist Sydney

There are many reasons to straighten our teeth. And there are various dental and orthodontic techniques to achieve this straightening.

Reason for the Sydney Dentist to Straighten Your Teeth

  • Aesthetics – Straight teeth usually look better.
  • Function – It is easier to speak clearly when the teeth and jaws work correctly.
  • TMJ – crooked teeth can sometime cause us to chew unevenly, leading to jaw pain.
  • Even wear – if the teeth or jaw are uneven we will tend to suffer more wear on some teeth and far less wear on other teeth. This leads to serious damage.
  • Cleaning – Neat, even teeth tend to be easier to brush and floss.

If you suffer none of these issues then it might be acceptable to leave your crooked teeth in their crooked state.

Dentist Sydney Methods of Straightening Teeth.

Braces are a time tested and reliable method of straightening teeth. They can be applied at any point once the adult teeth are in place. More often they are applied during the teenage years, so the benefit of straight teeth will be there during the entire adult years. But older people can benefit from braces too.

Braces are permanently fixed to the teeth for about 2 years. They apply constant pressure to the individual teeth, to shift the teeth into the ideal alignment. After the braces are eventually removed a retainer will be worn for a few years, at least at night, to prevent the teeth from shifting back to their old position.

Invisalign is popular with adults who need their teeth straightened.  It uses a series of clear mouthguards to straighten teeth. These are not permanent, but they must be worn when ever not drinking or eating.

Adults prefer Invisalign because braces often seem to be something that teenagers wear. They are also easy to remove for public speaking or photos.

Veneers – This is appropriate for some dental situations. The front of the teeth can be covered with a porcelain veneer that changes the colour and shape of the visible tooth. This can be effective for widely spaced teeth, as the veneers can be slightly wider than the teeth.

Unlike braces which require 2 years to work the veneers can be applied with just a few dental appointments over a few weeks.


Crowns – These replace the entire out part of the natural tooth with an artificial tooth. This is an expensive option, but the results are permanent, and there is a lot of flexibility in what can be done.


Dentist Sydney

Straight teeth look good and are easier to look after. Our dentist service means the best possible teeth for each client.




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