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Some of us are unhappy about the colour of our teeth. This is partially because we are exposed to media images of perfectly white smiles. But we can also be dissatisfied of our tooth colour does not suit our complexion. Slightly discoloured teeth can be enough to ruin the appearance of our face.

Tooth Discolouration may stem from years of coffee drinking, smoking, wine or other (perhaps mild) vices. Or it may just be part of our genetic makeup. But natural or acquired it is possible to significantly lighten and whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening is available by several methods. some of these are in office treatments done by the dentist. A few are take home systems, designed by the dentist to suit the individual. The in office methods tend to be far faster methods, but take home kits are popular with those who want to maintain their whitening over time.

Most methods use some variation on bleaching the teeth with strong chemicals. Because of the strength of these chemicals they are best performed with the supervision of a dental professional. The take home kits use a more dilute version of the same solutions, so are significantly safer.

A popular modern whitening method is Zoom. This combines a whitening solution with a bright light that acts as a catalyst. The solution is applied to the teeth while the gums are protected, and the light is applied. This is repeated four time in the space of an hour. The teeth are then significantly whiter.

Some commercial toothpastes claim to whiten teeth. But we should be a little wary of these. They work by being abrasive, so they remove enamel form the tooth surface. Used for any period of time these abrasive toothpastes will quickly thin the enamel on the teeth, leaving them sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. In some cases they may even cause holes in the enamel, leaving us very prone to tooth decay.

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While the health and function of the teeth are the first priorities there is usually no reason why the teeth can’t look good too. In fact healthy functioning teeth will tend to look better, with only the colour holding us back.

Talk to the dentist if you feel you teeth would look better a shade or two whiter.

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