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Gum Disease

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‌‌Dental health concerns itself with more than teeth. Our gums and jawbones are also part of our dental health and something that dentists are concerned with.

If we fail to look after our dental health we leave ourselves prone to gum infections. These can be quite serious, even causing us to lose teeth. At the very least a gum infection will strain out the immune system, and leave us with a sore, bleeding, discoloured mouth.

Some research strongly suggests that a gum disease earlier in life (perhaps in our thirties) greatly increases the chance of dementia, heart disease, and other serious illnesses in old age. The bacteria behind gum infections are the same bacteria involved in these other health problems.

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This is a moderate gum infection, caused by bacteria that accumulate when we fail to clean our teeth. Signs of Gingivitis include sore discoloured gums (usually dark red or very pale pink) and bleeding, especially after brushing.

Though gingivitis is fairly serious it can be cured with diligent cleaning. If we brush, floss, and use mouthwash every day we can be rid of Gingivitis after a few weeks. A healthy diet can also be a great help.

The real risk is that untreated Gingivitis will lead to more serious gum infections like Periodontal disease. This is far more difficult to treat.


Periodontal Disease (periodontitis) is serious gum disease. Once contracted it cannot be treated or cured by the individual cleaning the mouth. It must be looked after by a dentist, usually by a periodontal specialist.

Periodontitis usually develops from gingivitis. It is both a more serious version of gingivitis and an additional infection involving a different type of bacteria.

Periodontitis must be treated with antibiotics and prescription medication, including prescription mouthwash. Left untreated it will continually grow worse, leading to loss of bone in the jaw and the loss of teeth. Only mild periodontitis can be fully cured. Most periodontitis infections permanently stay with the patient, managed by continual use of diligent cleaning and mouthwash.

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Gum Diseases are serious, but they can be prevented with diligent cleaning. And can be treated by professional dental professionals.

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