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Alternatives to Braces

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Straight Teeth tend to look better, but there are exceptions. Sometimes a slightly crooked smile is endearing. Sometimes the imperfections are not noticable. We are all different, and we might be content with the teeth we have.
But straight teeth are not just a matter of aesthetics. Crooked teeth and mialighned jaws may cause problems with eating or speaking. And over time the msialigned teeth may wear unevenly, often without the problem becoming apparent until the damage is done. We should look after such situations as soon as possible.

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We might want straighter teeth for aesthetic or functional reasons. The most common method for straighening teeth is orthodontic braces. These braces are usually fitted in the teens, one all the permanent teeth are in place. The advantage of fitting braces early on is having straighter teeth for the rest of your life.
The major downside of braces is their awkwardness. We spend two years with metal bands in our mouth, making it difficult to eat and speak. But the results are well worth the temporary inconvenience.
Nonetheless we might like to look at the alternatives to traditional braces.

Alternatives to Braces Cartwright

lingual braces are similar to traditional braces, but they are placed behind the teeth rather than in front. This makes them virtually unnoticable, though they do require a period of adjustment, initally feeling quite awkward.
Invisalign is another alternative to braces. These are more popular with younger adults rather than teens. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners, rather like a small mouthguard, to straighten teeth. They cannot perform all the functions of braces, but are often more than adequate for moderate and minor issues.

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In some cases the teeth can be covered with veneers, which gives then a clean, shiny white apperance, and can compensate for minor and moderate irregularities. If the teeth are widely spaced, veneers can fil in the gaps.
In some cases, especially if it is an individual tooth or two that is the problem, then the dentist might fit some crowns. This effectively replaces the outer part of the tooth.

Braces Miller

Braces will give us neater teeth that are more attractive, easier to clean, and far less prone to wear over time. Consider braces, or an alternative, for better teeth in the future.

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