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Why Overseas Dental Care is Risky


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There are some internet adverts for overseas dental and cosmetic surgery. These adverts promote the lower cost of such treatments, but do not mention the risks. we advise against traveling overseas for such surgery.

Problems with Dental Tourism –

Lower Standards of Care – The Australian Dental Association (ADA) sets standards that all Australian dentist are expected to adhere to. The same ADA advises against overseas dentist in many countries. The standards in these countries vary greatly, and there is no way to ensure quality treatment.
Lower Quality Materials – Part of the reason why dental care is cheaper overseas is because the materials are substandard. Such materials are not permitted in Australia.
Communication Problems – This is often overlooked till the customer meets the dentist, but is the oversease dentist cannot speak english then there will be problems getting the right treatment.
All Australian dentists are requried to have a decent standard of english, including those originally form overseas who must pass an IELTS test.
Fewer Options – Overseas dentist will tend to give you generic replacement teeth rather than custom options. Often there is not time for a dental lab to make custom implants.
Some dentist overseas wil not be familiar with more modern procedures.
Possible Complications – Foreign countries may have contaminated water, which only the local are immune to. This is reason enough not to have treatment overseas. There is also the risk of contaminated equipment in some countries.
If a dentist has to perform a treatment in minimal time, in one appointment rather than three, then there is a risk of complication.
Flying, which is inevitable when traveling for dental work, can cause compliations. Blood clots at high altitude are only one risk.
No follow up – If your dental treatment has complications then you need to re-visit the dentist. This will not be possible if you have returned home from overseas.
Australian dentists are available to treat any complications from their procedures.
No insurance Coverage– Overseas dental care is not going to be covered by any medical insurance. So it may not work out as cheap as expected.
Hidden Costs – It is a common trick for overseas dentists to only quote for the procedure, and then bill you for anaesthesia and other nessesary elements of the operation. The cost will quickly esculate.

Cosmetic Dentist Ashcroft

Australian dentists are held to high standards. Having treatment Overseas may seem cheaper, but the cost esculate and quality varies.

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