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Straight Talk About Braces and Alternatives

Braces Prairiewood

Braces are a rite of passage for many teenagers. Most us weren’t given perfect teeth by our genetics, so we have them corrected, to a greater or lesser extent, by braces in our teens.
Braces are usually fitted in our teenage years because that is when the adult teeth have fully emerged. The braces can be fitted later, at almost any stage of adult life, but we benefit for longer if we have them fitted earlier.

Braces Elizabeth Hills

Obviously not all people need braces. Some already have neat teeth with well aligned jaws. Others have imperfect teeth but are happy to accept them as is. This is fine as long as there are no problems with teeth rubbing together, or with the jaws being misaligned. If teeth rub together the enamel will wear away over time. Misaligned jaws may click or become painful over time.
Brace are used for most orthodontic treatments because they can correct so many issues. They can align individual teeth and entire jaws. But if the individual only has minor issues with their teeth, or only one or two problem teeth, they may use something other than braces.

Alternatives to Braces Cartwright

Invisalign is one alternative to braces. This is a series of clear plastic retainers (rather like a mouth-guard) that pull individual teeth into place. These are quite effective for minor to moderate tooth alignment problems, but they cannot do some types of extreme correction that are better dealt with by braces.
Invisalign can be taken out for eating or public speaking, and they are hardly noticeable when worn. This makes the popular with adults.

Dental Implant Surgery Abbotsbury

Sometimes there are only one or two teeth that cause problems. so the dentist will recommend a crown or implant to fix/replace those teeth. This may bypass the need for braces. an advantage here is that the treatment gives results with two or three appointments over a few weeks, not 2 years as is the case with braces.

Teeth Whitening Miller

One thing that braces do not deal with is the colour of the teeth. If your teeth are already neat, consider having them lightened by the dentist. Whitening treatments can be done in the dentist office or by a take home kit designed by the dentist.

Braces Prairiewood

Braces and other orthodontic treatments can give us neat, attractive teeth that last a lifetime. Consider orthodontic treatment.

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