What Are Some Common Dental Mistakes?


Dental Mistakes – Dental Clinic Bossley Park

Only Brushing in the Morning
It is too easy to be negligent here. Some of us just want to get to bed at the end of the day, forgetting how much food debris we have accumulated in the last few hours.
If we don’t brush now we encourage bad breath in the morning from all that decaying food. And we risk tooth decay.
Brushing Too hard
This seems sensible, but it was a mistake make by many people a generation ago. Hard brushing, especially with a stiff bristle brush, will wear away the tooth enamel. This leaves us with sensitive teeth, which feel hot and cold temperatures.
If you brushes wear out too quickly, you are probably pressing too hard.
Try an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor.
Not brushing for long enough
If we make the commitment to brush then we should spend some time on the task. a timer makes all the difference. 3 minutes is good. Find an mp3 song of this length.

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Replacing Floss with Mouthwash
Mouthwash works well in combination with brushing and flossing, but it can never replace them. Mouthwash will not remove plaque or food debris from between teeth. And if we don’t remove plaque within a few hours (12 perhaps) it will harden into tartar, which needs professional removal.

Not subsititute for Flossing.
Some people use picks to clean between teeth. These provide some cleaning benefit, but the movement of floss provides more cleaning action.
Inter-dental brushes work well for spaces between back teeth.
Waterpik cleans well, and is an alternative to flossing.

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Brushing after acidic drinks and food.
Acidic drinks and food will temporarily weaken tooth enamel. If we brush the teeth while the enamel is weak we cause damage, namely thinning enamel.
Wait 30 minutes after eating before drinking.
Quality Toothpaste
There are some substandard toothpastes out there. Buy a toothpaste with the ADA approval seal.

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Good habits and regular dental appointment keep out teeth and mouth in the best condition possible.

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