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Common Orthodontic Problems

The Orthodontist Homebush West Looks at Different Teeth

No two smiles are the same. They are all as distinct as faces and fingerprints. This is true both before and after orthodontic treatment. But while a smile will still be unique and individual after orthodontic treatment, it will also be neat, functional and probably much more attractive.

While a few individuals are lucky enough to have developed perfectly straight from their childhood, most of us have a combination of dental issues. Each of these issues requires some form of treatment. This can be anything from straightening individual teeth that are crooked, to realigning jaws that do not meet correctly. Orthodontic treatment will optimise the function of the teeth and jaws, while usually improving their appearance.

Why we need the Orthodontist Burwood

Some orthodontic issues might be left alone. Sometimes a crooked tooth in not hurting anybody. But more often an orthodontic problem will lead to more serious problems over time. Misaligned jaws tend to cause wear on teeth, which means damaged teeth when we are a few years older. Sometimes crooked teeth are simply hard to clean, meaning we are very prone to decay and gum infections. A few individuals suffer breathing and sleeping problems because of their misaligned teeth and jaws. This strains cognitive function and health, even in the space of a few days.

An imperfect Bite – Orthodontist Croydon

What are the more common orthodontic issues?

  • Problems chewing, eating, biting, or even speaking with a lisp.
  • Breathing issues, especially when sleeping. Snoring and Sleep Apnea are common.
  • Top and bottom jaw do not meet correctly at the front – Overbite or under bite.
  • The bottom jaw is crooked in relation to the top jaw – Cross bite.
  • Digestive issues from poorly chewed food, including pain/discomfort.
  • Pain in the Jaw.
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) – where the jaw clicks.
  • Unbalanced facial appearance.
  • Ongoing issues with bacteria growth and plaque build-up.
  • Difficulty closing mouth – Open bite.
  • Social awkwardness with smiling and/or a lack of confidence.

Treatments by the Orthodontist Concord

Traditional braces solve almost all orthodontic problems. They can align jaws and individual teeth, giving us the best version of the mouth we have. The orthodontist will custom design the braces for the individual’s situation. Modern braces are more comfortable and less visible than older braces, and achieve the same results, often in less time.

Invisalign can perform most of the tooth straightening functions of braces, but are not suitable for jaw alignment issues. Many adults like Invisalign because it works by using clear mouth guards that are fairly discreet.

Orthodontist Homebush West

Orthodontict treatment means teeth and jaws thet look good and function correctly. Find the best version of the mouth you have.

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