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Is a Cosmetic Dentist a Specialist?

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Most of the time we receive all the dental care we need from a general dentist. We might add to this general treatment by occasionally using a specialist for a few situations, like an orthodontist for braces, or a periodontist for a gum infection. A specialist dentist is an individual who, after qualifying for their dental degree, then completed additional training focusing on a specific area of dentistry. Very occasionally a dentist might be a specialist in two or three areas.

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Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialist area, though it might use a specialist on some occasions. Rather, cosmetic dentistry is the practice of making the teeth and gums more attractive. Most dentistry is about keeping the teeth healthy and making sure they function correctly. This general dentistry does tend to help the teeth look a little better. But sometimes we want to take the healthy teeth and make sure they are attractive too.

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Teeth might be made more attractive in several ways. We might simply change their colour, making them a shade lighter. Or we might need to straighten the teeth with braces or Invisalign. Sometimes we improve the appearance of a single tooth with a crown or implant. Some of these might require a specialist, like the orthodontist for braces. Some of this can be done very well by a general dentist.

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Very few people have completely straight teeth, or at least not have straight teeth naturally. More often people have braces as teenagers, so their teeth can be straight by the time they are adults. It is also possible to have the braces fitted while an adult, though some people find this awkward.

Braces prioritise function of the jaws – neatly aligned teeth in upper and lower jaws that meet correctly. This tends to mean teeth that are attractive – crooked teeth rarely look good. But sometimes we this is only part of the process. The straight teeth might need more treatment to look their best.

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Veneers put a permanent cover on the front of teeth. This cover surface look like a tooth in optimal conditions. These veneers can be used to give the teeth an attractive finish, changing the colour, texture and even general shape of the tooth. They can also be sued to bring a row of teeth slighty forward, or close gaps between teeth that are widely spaced apart.

Cosmetic Dentist North Strathfield

Want a better smile? General or specialist dentistry can be used for healthy, attractive teeth.

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