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How Do We Make Teeth Look Better?

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A dentist aims to produce teeth that are healthy, functional and attractive. These three goals tend to work together. Unhealthy teeth are rarely attractive, and functional teeth tend to look neat. So cosmetic dentistry is really putting the final touch on healthy, well functioning teeth.

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Braces will straighten teeth and jaws. They are usually fitted during the teenage years, once all the adult teeth are in place, but they can be fitted at a latter age if required.

Braces are awkward at first, but the two years spent wearing braces should give us neat, functional teeth for the rest of our life, less likely to develop issue latter on.

Braces will give us teeth that are straight, and therefore easier to keep clean. And they can align jaws that are less likely to develop problems. Teeth can start to drift out of alignment after the braces come off, so it is usually necessary to wear a retainer for a few years. Sometimes an individual will need to wear a retainer for their rest of their life, albeit, only at night, to keep their teeth straight.

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Some teeth can be straightened without braces. We might use Invisalign, a series of clear mouth guards, to straighten teeth in adults. Alternately, we might crown a damaged to misaligned teeth, or replace it entirely with an implant.

Implants and crowns can fix a badly damaged or malformed teeth, even a tooth lost entirely. These procedures require a few dental appointments, but the result are faster to achieve than the results produced by braces, and can solve many different types of problems.

Crowns and implants look natural, help the mouth to function well, and are easy to maintain with regular brushing.

Teeth Whitening Heckenberg

Teeth whitening is purely aesthetic. It exists only to change the colour of the teeth and make them look more attractive. Whitening is not suitable of the teeth have thin enamel and prone to sensitivity (feeling painful when exposed to hot or cold conditions), but they are fine for most patients.

Cosmetic Dentist Miller

Dentist want you to have the best teeth possible. Look good and be healthier with teeth looked after by the dentist.

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