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What Can Our Teeth Show About Us?

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Our teeth are connected to our overall health. They can both indicate health problems in other parts of our body, and also cause health problems if we neglect to look after them.

If we neglect our to clean our teeth we can suffer gum infections, which are linked to developing cardiovascular issues and dementia later in life. Looking after our teeth is an essential part of looking after our health.

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Ground Down Teeth

Flat, worn teeth show that we have been grinding our teeth, albeit unconsciously. This is probably due to stress.

Teeth grinding will steadily and permanently damage teeth, leaving them sensitive to temperature changes (cold foods will be painful) and prone to decay.

Teeth grinding will tend to strain the jaw and neck muscles. Leading to constant pain and irritation, perhaps making it difficult to sleep.

We may be grinding our teeth at night. The dentist can make a mouth-guard that prevents this damage. We should also address the cause of the stress.

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Bad Breath

Nobody wants bad breath. It can be caused by a dry mouth, gum infections, poor diet or a bacterial imbalance in the gut. Quite often it is caused by not brushing and flossing every day. Sometimes it is the symptom of a serious medical condition.

– Be diligent about cleaning teeth twice daily. Use mouthwash several times per day if necessary.
– Drink plenty of water as dehydration and a dry mouth will increase bad bacteria in the mouth and gut.
– Are you mouth breathing at night? This leads to a dry mouth, gum infections and dental decay. The dentist can produce a custom mouth-guard to help might breathing. Or you might need a nasal strip.
– Quit smoking. This causes many problems, including a dry mouth prone to infection and bad breath.

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Swollen gums

If your gums are off-colour or sensitive you probably have an infection. If caught in the early stages a gum infection can be reversed, but a more advanced infection, like Periodontal disease, is permanent, and requires constant treatment to keep it under control.

The bacteria in gum diseases are the same bad bacteria found in Alzheimer’s disease and cardio vascular (heart) conditions. If we prevent gum infections we significantly lower the chances of later contracting these health issues.

Daily brushing and flossing greatly reduce the chances of contracting gum diseases.

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Mouth Ulcers

Ulcers are most often caused by teeth that keep rubbing or biting the cheek or soft tissues of the mouth. Perhaps the dentist can realign teeth to prevent this type of reoccurring injury.

Sometimes ulcers are caused by stress, spicy foods, mineral deficiencies (most often zinc) or a gluten intolerance.

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Looking after our teeth and gums goes a long way to improving our overall health. Have any issues checked by the dentist.

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