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How To Prevent Bad Breath

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Bad breath is something nobody wants. It is socially awkward, and surly a sign that something is wrong.

Most of us know that we should brush twice daily and floss. And augment this with some good mouthwash. And this should go a long way to removing bad breath. But occasionally this is not enough. We make even have healthy teeth, but still find we are plagued by bad breath.

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We can reduce and hopefully remove bad breath with some good habits:

– Limit or remove all sugary foods. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. If we get rid of sugar we starve the bad bacteria.
– Drink plenty of water to keep the mouth moist. A dry mouth encourages bacteria.
– Green tea fights bad bacteria. Drink a few glasses per day. Decaffeinated green tea is fine. And plain black tea is also quite good.
– Sugar free gum keeps the mouth moist, and helps reduce bad breath. Gum with Xylitol will fight bad bacteria.
– Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue.
– Brush first thing in the morning, before eating, so we don’t ingest the bacteria left in the mouth overnight.
– Brush before bed, so there is minimal bacteria in the mouth overnight.
– Make sure you are not breathing through the mouth at night. This leaves us with a dry mouth, which encourages bacteria. A mouth-guard or nasal strip can help.
– A modern diet trend is to fast for 16 hours per day, only eating during an 8 hour window. This actually helps the teeth as there are several hours a day in which the bacteria are not fed. Brush before you fast, and use mouthwash.
– Chew parsley, which fights bad breath.
– Eat plenty of salad and crunchy fruit, which helps clean teeth.
– Clear your airways with a saline nasal spray. Bad bacteria can hide in our nasal passages.
– Cashew nuts contain a compound that fight bad bacteria. Eat a few each day.
– Avoid junk food and spicy food, which can cause bad breath.
– If you have dentures then make sure to clean and store them correctly.
Check to see if you have a gum infection. This will cause bad breath. But if it is caught early it can be reversed.

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Braces are effective for straightening teeth, but they do make cleaning awkward as food gets stuck in the wires and brackets. And they make flossing all but impossible.
Use a Waterpick to clean between the teeth. This works in place of flossing.

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If the teeth are neat and well aligned they will be easier to clean. Cosmetic dentistry concentrates on appearances, but this is strongly connected to functionality. We might find that having our teeth straightened with Invisalign helps to reduce cleaning issues, and our breath benefits from this improvement.

Dental Clinic Bossley Park

Have regular dental appointments to keep teeth and gums healthy, and our breath fresh.

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