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Why Consider Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening Miller

Teeth whitening does exactly what the name says, it gives us whiter teeth. This can give both our appearance and confidence a little boost. There are several proven methods for effective teeth whitening, with both in office and take home treatments.

If the teeth are off colour there is rarely any real cause for concern. The teeth may be perfectly healthy. Whiter teeth are really just a cosmetic concern.

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The most modern teeth whitening method uses a combination of UV light and chemical bleaching to achieve its results. But the alternate LED method of Teeth whitening is also popular, and used for some individual cases.

UV light treatment is performed in the dental office. The teeth are coated with a bleaching agent, and the UV light acts as a catalyst to speed up the whitening process. This process quickly breaks down stains on the teeth, and does so without the stinging sensation of older bleaching methods.

UV light methods are not recommended for long term continual use, or for teeth that have thin enamel. The UV bleaching system can increase tooth sensitivity in some cases, leaving the teeth sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. It is fine for strong healthy teeth, but not for teeth that have suffered enamel wear over time.

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LED whitening is similar to UV treatments, but LED uses a less potent form of Blue light. This is less invasive and cause less strain on the tooth enamel. Sometimes teeth that will not take UV treatment (teeth with thinner enamel) can still be whitened with LED treatment.

While teeth can be lightened several shades it is unrealistic to expect the type of photoshopped image found on models in magazines. Yet whitened teeth can look very satisfying.

Teeth whitening is not permanent, but the results can last for up to 6 months. The treatment can usually be repeated after this time.

Teeth Whitening Miller

Tooth colour is not a health concern, but teeth can be lightened with in office or take home dental treatments.

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