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What Are The Main Dental Issues?

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If we diligently brush and clean our teeth we avoid most problems. But there are a few dental issues that even the most thorough care cannot prevent. We might be born with discoloured, misaligned or a few poorly shaped teeth. These required dental treatment to be corrected.

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It is not uncommon to have crooked teeth. Many people have braces as teenagers (or a little later in life) because their teeth are at least a little crooked. Braces are very effective for straightening teeth, moving them vertically and horizontally. They can also straighten many types of jaw alignment issues.

Braces work by applying constant pressure to teeth. This moves teeth slowly and steadily into the correct position. The process usually takes about two years. After the braces have completed their work and been removed the patient will need to wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from slipping back out of the idea alignment.

Older patients who do not like the idea of wearing braces can often have their teeth straightened with Invisalign. These are a series of plastic mouth guards that push teeth into alignment. They can perform most, but not all, of the straightening functions of braces. They are less noticeable than braces, and reasonably comfortable.

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Implants will replace an entire tooth. This might be necessary if the tooth is badly damaged, very badly out of alignment, or badly formed.

An implant consists of a metal (titanium) post that supports a facsimile tooth. The post binds to the jawbone at a molecular level, and provides a solid, permanent anchor. The facsimile tooth looks natural and is quite durable. It will last for years, looking and functioning like an organic tooth.

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Teeth are often less that ideally white. In fact, perfectly white teeth are basically a Hollywood myth. Natural teeth are usually off-white.

Our teeth may be discoloured because of our diet; coffee and cigarettes will cause discolouration. Or they may have always been discoloured, being something in our genetic makeup. In either situation the teeth can be whitened with the appropriate dental treatment.

Teeth whitening can be preformed by either a procedure at the dentist, or by a take-home kit designed by the dentist. The procedure is safe, with the only issues being that it cannot be used on sensitive teeth, as it can make the teeth more sensitive.

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We all deserve the best teeth possible. Have teeth that are both healthy, and that look great.

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