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Many of us suffer at least some developments problems with our teeth, and either have them fixed with orthodontics in our teens, or with dental/orthodontic treatment as adults. This orthodontic treatment has both aesthetic value, as our teeth look better, and functional value, because neat teeth almost always function in a better fashion.

Some common dental developmental problems include:

Crowding – This is where the teeth simply do not have enough room in the mouth. Either the teeth are too big or the jaw is too small. This may lead to teeth protruding at odd angles, or the back molars being overgrown by gum. It also tends to mean the jaws will not neatly fit together.
Crowded teeth maybe treated by a combination of extractions and braces.

– If the upper and lower jaw are out of alignment, if some of the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, then this is termed crossbite.
Mild crossbite can be treated with conventional braces. In some cases a palatal expander is used to widen the upper jaw.

– We may find the lower jaw extends past the upper jaw. If this is mild it may be fixed with braces. Sometimes veneers are used to bring the top row of teeth slightly forward. Occasionally surgery is performed for this.

Overbite – This is where the upper jaw is more forward than the lower jaw. Braces can solve this if the problem is mild, but sometimes surgery is required. Overbites might be cause by the placement of the teeth, or by the bone structure of the jaw.

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Traditional metal braces are a tried and true method of fixing many dental problems. They can align individual teeth, both vertically and horizontally. They can also fix most minor jaw problems.

Braces are notoriously awkward and even painful at first. But the results can last for the rest of our lives if we take care of our teeth. Modern options like damon braces are less painful and faster acting. and there are also clear and ceramic braces which are less noticeable.

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Orthodontics Miller- Better teeth make eating and speaking easier. They also make out mouth look better. Have orthodontic treatment now in order to have better teeth for our adult years

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