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Why Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentist Elizabeth Hills

Our appearance is more influential than we might think. The way we look impacts our social interactions and our confidence. It makes sense to look our best.

Our teeth are part of our appearance. If our teeth look poor it has an effect on other people, and how they treat us. We should avoid this if possible.

Well functioning teeth that are healthy and teeth that look good tend to be synonymous, or at least not in contradiction. While health is more important than appearances a healthy mouth tends to also look good.

Braces Miller

Braces can improve the function and appearance of teeth. These are ubiquitous on teenagers, who benefit with neat teeth for their adult years, but it is possible to have braces at a later stage of life if necessary.

Braces can correctly align teeth, so they look neat, and so that the jaw fits together neatly in a manner that functions well. This can also benefit speaking, because crooked teeth can make speaking difficult, and benefit sleep because bad jaw position can cause snoring and sleep apnea. But the most salient benefit of braces is the teeth’s appearance.

Teeth Whitening Elizabeth Hills

Magazines promote the idea of bright, white teeth. This is a little bit artificial, as teeth are not naturally this bright shade of white. But we can often get that bright Hollywood look for our teeth with whitening.

Teeth whitening uses a gel activated by UV light to effectively stain the teeth white. This is a process that can be either done in the dentist office, or with dentist prepared kit that is used at home. The home kit uses custom-made mouth guards specifically designed for each patient. This is used with small UV light source each month or to keep the teeth looking bright.

Teeth whitening is safe, but it may not be suitable for patients who suffer sensitive teeth (sensitive to hot and cold drinks), as the whitening process can make the teeth even more sensitive.

Veneers – Dental Clinic Miller

Dental veneers put a permanent cover over the front of teeth, rather like a crown. This veneer looks like a natural tooth, and is very effective for fixing teeth that are discoloured, slightly crooked of misshapen. They can also fix slight over or under bite by bringing the row of teeth slightly forward.

Cosmetic Dentist Elizabeth Hills

We all deserve to look our best. Have your teeth brought up to their potential with cosmetic dentistry and have a smile to be proud of.

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