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What Are the Options With Braces?

Braces Elizabeth Hills

Braces are a rite-of-passage for many teenagers and a few adults. They go a long way to correcting almost all tooth alignment problems and jaw alignment problems. They are often combined with some other dental/orthodontic work – occasionally a few teeth will need to be extracted if the mouth is crowded, or the individual teeth might need veneers to correct discolouration. But braces remain an essential part of most orthodontic correction work.

Braces are usually worn for about two years, depending on the amount of correction needed. They work by applying steady pressure to the teeth, moving them into a neat alignment. Once they are correctly aligned they need to be held steady for a while, lest they start to drift back into their old positions. Often a retainer (a clear mouth-guard or a wire attached to a palette) will need to work for several years after the braces are removed, to keep the teeth straight. Occasionally the retainer will only be worn at night.

Braces will also help align jaws, often by the use of elastics. Often the upper and lower jaw do not meet correctly. The lower jaw may be slightly off-centre (crossbite) too far back (over-bite) or too far forward (under-bite). These alignment issues can cause problems with taking, eating, and sometimes breathing, especially at night. Even slight cross-bite problems can cause a clicking or painful jaw movement. It is best to have these issues corrected when we are still in our teens, to enjoy the benefits of straight teeth for the rest of our lives.

Alternatives to Braces Miller

Less severe tooth alignment problems can often be fixed with Invisalign. This is a series of clear plastic mouthguards that push teeth into a neat alignment. Invisalign is popular with adults because it is far less noticeable than braces, and Invisalign can be removed for eating and drinking. Unfortunately, Invisalign will not solve jaw alignment issues or severe tooth alignment problems.

Dental Implant Surgery Abbotsbury

Occasionally the individual teeth need to be altered, and not just the alignment between the teeth. Teeth can be replaced with an implant, which connects to the jawbone, or they can be modified with a crown, which only replaces the outer surface of a tooth. This is ideal for teeth that are misshapen or badly damaged by decay.

Braces Elizabeth Hills

Few of us have naturally perfect teeth. So consider braces as a teenager, and enjoy neat, functional teeth for our adult years.

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