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What is the Myth about Root Canal Treatments?

Dental Clinic Bossley Park – The Root Canal Myth

Pop culture would tell us that root canal treatments are painful. But this is a myth. It is the infected root canal of a tooth that is often painful. The treatment is not especially difficult, no more painful than the average filling. A root canal treatment actually puts an end to the tooth pain, permanently.

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A tooth has several layers. There is the external enamel, the hardest part of the tooth. There is the inner dentin behind the enamel. And there is the nerve and pulp inside the tooth. The only part of the tooth that is alive, that has sensation, is this inner nerve. Any paint we feel comes directly or indirectly from the nerve. we feel hot and cold temperatures in the mouth through the nerve, but the sensation is mild because it is insulated by the outer tooth.
A root canal treatment will be necessary if the nerve inside the tooth is badly infected. The tooth will be painful, especially when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. A root canal treatment will remove the nerve while preserving the outer hard exterior of the tooth.

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Infected teeth are dangerous because the infection can spread to the gum, and cause periodontal disease, or give rise to a abscess, which can be life threatening. An infection in the upper back molars is especially dangerous because the infection can spread to the brain. So any tooth that might be infected needs to be treated as soon as possible.
Once a tooth has had a root canal treatment it will lose all sensation. But the outer enamel and main body of the tooth remain unchanged, so the tooth remains fully functional and will still look much as it did before.

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Toothaches and other dental problems can be serious. Have them looked after by the dentist, and be rid of the worry and pain.

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